Located at the confluence of two rivers, the Sava and the Danube, Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and after Athens, the greatest urban whole of the Balkans.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and has a population of nearly 2 million people. It has the utmost importance as a European transportation hub, as well as international river and air traffic and telecommunications center. In the last decade it has become the most important business center of the Western Balkans.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbian culture, education and science. It has the greatest concentration of institutions in the area of science and art that is of national importance.

Belgrade has the status of a separate territorial unit in Serbia, which has its own autonomous city government. Its territory is divided into 17 municipalities.


Belgrade, a city of very tumultuous history, is one of the oldest in Europe. Its history has lasted for 7000 years. The area around the large rivers of the Sava and the Danube has been inhabited since the paleolithic period.

The oldest archaeological findings from the area date back to the fifth millennium BC. A Celtic tribe founded Singidunum in the 3rd century BC, while the first records of Belgrade date back to the 878th year. During its long and tumultuous history, 40 armies have conquered the city and it was risen from the ashes 38 times, more beautiful and magnificent.

PDuring the ancient and the Byzantium era, the long rule of the Turks and the short one of Austrians, Belgrade has always been a very important city, and later the capital of the newly created state of South Slavs, Yugoslavia and Serbia's capital.


In the Belgrade headquarters are located numerous domestic and foreign companies for this part of Europe and all major state institutions. It is a strong banking center where dozens of banks and financial institutions have main offices. It takes nearly 40% of turnover in the economy in the state of Serbia.


You will find boutiques of world known brands in the city center in the pedestrian zone of Knez Mihailova Street and Terazije. Concept of modern shopping for all in one place you will experience in large shopping malls TC Usce and Delta City. A large number of mega and hyper makrets, department stores of furniture, galleries, as well as the dynamic local fashion scene will not allow you to return from Belgrade with empty suitcases.

Night life

It is enough to say that Belgrade is also known as the New York of Eastern Europe and the city of sin. If this is not enough, you should know that it is a city that never sleeps, with crowded cafes, clubs, restaurants, ethno restaurants and casinos. For everybody’s taste and for everybody’s pocket. Good house, funk and jazz and fusion food from around the world and turbo folk music, the famous barbecue and delicious Serbian cuisine, beautiful women and hospitable people. Some will be thrilled, some will be frightened, but no one will remain indifferent.