Residential area

Oasis is planned as a multifunctional complex, ready to provide first-class comfort and quality of life for each of its 25,000 future inhabitants. It will have a choice of five different housing typologies, and thus maximum versatility in the choice of your future home.

  • one-family villas: the most exclusive residential zones located solely along the rim of the lake and golf course, two-storey houses with basements and optional swimming pools, the lot size 500-750 m2.
  • two-family villas: the northern part of the complex, two-storey houses of average size about 160 m2, in lots of about 300 m2.
  • patio apartments: multi-family low density housing, with four apartments in the same cluster. They reflect the semi-urban atmosphere and are located on the west side of the lake, creating a gradual transition to blocks.
  • park apartments: various apartments and duplexes located on the rim of a linear park, with common social facilities in it and educational complex on the north side of the boulevard.
  • residential districts: multi-family housing of increased density along the circular boulevard, which creates a sort of buffer zone in relation to surrounding roads, and at the same time provides a natural growth of the future central residential complex. Apartments with average size of 80 m2.

Commercial and business center is located on the main north-western entrance to the complex with Obrenovac road. The shopping center on the area of 30,000 m2 is positioned at the intersection of the circular and golf boulevard and as such is a distinctive landmark in visual and programmatic terms and in terms of importance.

The area of sports venues is located in a carefully separated part of the northern rim of the complex. It consists of eight tennis, football and basketball courts and indoor facilities, such as a swimming pool, bowling alley, squash court, gym, etc.

The hotel, bungalows, spa center, country club and related facilities are positioned in a prominent place between the golf course and woods with direct access to the bypass. Such a characteristic position allows you to maximize the quality of offered services and contents. The closeness to the airport also led to a decision to incorporate the congress center of a regional character and importance.